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THX certified video and ISF certified video calibration.

Audio - Audyssey calibration.

PC calibration

Creating  a Home Theater is an exhilarating experience, but it can be stressful if you do not know what you are doing.
Interested in multi room audio/video distribution?  To many remote controls on your table? Would you like to have only one for everything, light included?  Call us at 617-965-6984 or
e-mail us.  We'll answer your questions, help in decisions or solve existing problems.

Our Mission:

Our goal as home theater installer and calibrator is to ensure that hardware you purchased performs to it maximum potential.  We help people to get the best system for their needs and the best out of their own equipment by professional audio/video calibration to industry standards.

90% of people doesn't see full HD picture on their full HD display (1080p) or UHD display (2160p) because of wrong setup, compatibility problem, improper connections or wrong cables used for connection.  We know from our experiences that displays are not setup properly and need professional calibration.  Pictures are usually distorted, colors are way off, contrast is too high, details are missing etc.  Some people don't notice it, others notice but don't care but the majority do notice the imperfections.  They want to change them but they don't know how to correct the picture and they have no equipment to do it.

After THX/ISF calibration, your video display will look -  as much as possible -  like the displays used in video production studios and broadcast studios.

Surround sound (5.1, 6.1 or 7.1) is very often set up improperly with wrong speaker placement, boomy bass and/or sound level of surround channels set to high. It is even worse with Atmos and Auro 3D systems where more speakers is required.
If you already have receiver with Audyssey capability, it is a waste of money if you don't use the Audyssey technologies on your receiver. It takes the sound of your system to a whole new level. It centralizes the sound and helps to keep the sound where it seemed to belong.

So we decided to help people using our equipment, knowledge and expertise.

Perfect Home Theater?

What is "Perfect" Home Theater?  Is this one for $500,000?
 - Perfect home theater is the one, which is perfect for you.  It doesn't matter if costs $4,000 or $500,000.  It must be perfect FOR YOU.

Our services include:

  •  Installation of multi room audio and video systems using our media servers and players
  •  THX/ISF Calibration of Video system.
  •  Audyssey Room Equalization

Perfect Home Theater is a dealer and installer for: